Career Cruising

At, you can take the matchmaker test, ability profiler, and the learning styles inventory to find the career that is right for you.

For Carroll students, your username is your email, and you password is your six digit student ID.


Matchmaker: Answer questions about your likes and dislikes to find careers that match up with your interests.It is important to answer the questions as truthfully as possible, and avoid answering neutrally for the best results.

Ability Profiler: Learn more about your abilities and see how your abilities compare to those used in careers that interest you.

Styles Inventory: Discover how you learn and retain information and find tips on how to improve your study habits to suit your learning style.

Once your results have been generated, you can explore information about your matched careers, including descriptions, interviews from professionals that work in the field, prospective salaries, schools that offer programs for your chosen career, scholarships, planning tools, and more.

You will also have access to:

Employment Guide: Learn how to conduct an effective work search and read our advice for your first days on the job.

Job Search: Search for postings on thousands of job boards and company websites at once, using the Job Search tool.

Build My Resume: Use the information from My Plan to create your resume.